TECHNICAL TRADE - Specialist, individual and responsive

We supply spare parts and hydraulic components directly from stock. Thus, we can react quickly and avoid long shutdowns of your system.


Pumps and motors


  Axial piston pumps / Axial piston motors

  Radial piston pumps / Radial piston motors


  Gear pumps / Gear motors


  Vane pumps / Vane motors


  Gerotor pumps / Gerotor motors


  Screw spindle pumps


  Hand pumps


  Motor-pump groups





  Directional control valves

  Pressure valves


  Flow control valves


  Check valves


  Servo valves


  Proportional valves


  Control valves




  Slip-in cartridge valves according to DIN


  Valve blocks





  Valve amplifiers

  Pressure switch




  Measuring systems



Filters and accessories


  Pressure filters

  Return line filter


  Inline filters


  Suction filter


  Filter elements


  Bypass filter


  Mobile filter devices


  Fluid analysis equipment



Storage and accessories


  Bladder accumulator

  Piston accumulators


  Diaphragm accumulators


  Pulsation dampers


  Store fixtures


  Safety and shut off blocks


  Charching and testing units


  Pressure accumulator tests with TÜV approval



Heat exchanger and coolers


  Oil-air coolers

  Oil-water coolers


  Heat exchanger


  Cooling systems



Connection technology


  Check valves

  Flow control valves


 Block ball valves


  Low pressure ball valves


  Seamless hydraulic pipes made of steel


  Seamless hydraulic pipes made of stainless steel


  DIN Stainless steel fittings


  High pressure couplings


  DIN Fittings

   (Cutting ring and soft sealing fittings)


  DIN Stainless steel fittings

   (Cutting ring and soft sealing fittings) 


  EO Welding fittings


  EO Rotary fittings


  SAE Flanges 3000 and 6000 PSI


  Pipe and hose clamps



Hose technology


  High pressure hose and press fittings

  Medium pressure hose and press fittings


  Low pressure hose and press fittings


  High temperature hose


  High temperature and anti-shake protection


  Hose sleeve





  Repair kits

  Seal kits